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Baby body milk Baby body milk
Hypoallergenic New Hot
BIO G baby body milk gently cleans and nourishes the delicate baby skin. The colloid silver with its unique antimicrobial action cleans the pores leaving the skin soft and well-protected. The natural oils strengthen, hydrate and maintain the health of the skin without causing excessive oiliness. The..
15.80 лв.
Baby Body Oil
Hypoallergenic New Hot
BIO G baby body oil nourishes the gentle baby skin and protects it from the harmful effects of the environment. The selected combination of natural oils and plant extracts has a pronounced antimicrobial effect. The product enters the pores, makes the skin smooth and elastic, stimulates its immunopro..
17.80 лв.
Baby face Cream
Hypoallergenic New Hot
The face cream is specifically designed to nourish and protect the tender baby skin in exposed areas, especially on the nose and cheeks. The combination of essential oils, plant extracts and colloid silver shields the soft baby skin from the aggressive environment and keeps it perfectly healthy. The..
12.80 лв.
Diaper rash cream
Hypoallergenic New Hot
The special diaper rash cream is the main product in any baby cosmetic series. It is the richest and most specific cream intended to simultaneously cleanse, nourish and protect the tender baby skin of the bottom, genitalia, and the folds on the arms, legs and neck. Together, the ingredients act syne..
14.80 лв.
Hair and body shampoo Hair and body shampoo
Hypoallergenic New Hot
BIO G hair and body shampoo combines colloid silver with natural foaming substances of plant origin to wash gently and thoroughly your baby’s hair and skin. It removes as delicately as possible any dust, grease and harmful substances of environmental origin that have accumulated during the day. The ..
15.80 лв.
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