Silver was called " the rich man's antibiotic " by American biologists and epidemiologists because it affects the structure of disease-causing single-celled microorganisms and blocks their reproduction mechanism. This discovery was made only in the 80s of the 20th century and answered all the unanswered questions such as "Why throughout human history were the rich people saved from epidemics?" Because they ate in silver (not clay, lead) dishes and with silver utensils, through which their body was charged with colloidal silver.  And colloidal silver has strong antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral and antifungal properties.

The action of silver has been studied for centuries. But all knowledge about him until the 19th century was the result of practice and personal experience. And they showed that even the weakest solution of silver water is curative and destroys disease-causing organisms. The healing properties of silver were known as early as 4000 BC. Herodotus, the historian of the ancient world, mentions that the Persian king Cyrus drank water stored in silver vessels, that in Babylon they kept water in silver vessels, which they then used as medicine. Scenes of silver vessels filled with water are also found on the walls of many pharaonic tombs in ancient Egypt, and their soldiers placed thin silver plates over their wounds. In the ancient Greek temples, the priests threw heated silver into the vessels of water, with which they then treated the sick. And the noble citizens ate in silver dishes.
Ancient texts say that surgeons operated with silver instruments, not gold, because they knew that this way the wounds would not become inflamed. The nickel and chromium used today do not guarantee this, but that is why we have antibiotics.

In the descriptions of the campaigns of Alexander the Great, it is mentioned that his wars made him sick and it looked like mass poisoning, but the military leaders remained healthy. The information suggests that the soldiers ate in lead vessels, and the senior officers - in silver ones.
In the 14th century, all of Asia and Europe were covered by a plague epidemic. The infection began in 1333 in China, from where traders brought it to Florence and gradually covered all of Europe. The "Black Death" took the lives of millions of people (only in England, for example, by 1377 there were more than 1.5 million). The strange thing was that the rich families survived, who at that time ate mainly in silver dishes and those children whose parents gave them silver spoons as lollipops. And should we not return to such a practice, instead of silicone teats!

Indian chiefs from South America preferred silver to gold ornaments, especially for the ears, giving them more protective functions on the body and spirit. Even today, it is recommended to wear silver earrings when piercing the ears.
Napoleon Bonaparte carried with him everywhere a special vessel for water with a silver interior. He suffered from throat cancer and died several years after losing the court, perhaps without knowing the secret of his cure.

Today, with a great deal of regret, we can state that the minting and use of silver coins was much healthier, since bacteria and microbes did not linger on them. After all, before the refrigerator was invented, a silver coin was placed in the milk, which extended its shelf life.

In the second half of the 19th century, the German gynecologist Karl Krede discovered that even a 1% solution of silver quickly dealt with purulent inflammations in the eyes of newborns, without irritating or causing side effects. Thus, one of the biggest infections was eradicated in Germany's maternity hospitals and targeted studies on the prevention of dangerous bacterial infections have been launched.
Adolf Hitler was also interested in the secret of silver water for many years. He called it "water of life". He recommended that his soldiers drink water from silver cups and enforced the use of silver filters for drinking water in German submarines. The idea was later introduced to the larger airlines (British Airways, Lufthansa, Air France) and further developed for space flights in the USA and in Russia, after 23 other ways of purifying water were investigated. During all wars, doctors actively used silver water to treat purulent wounds, burns and disinfection.

In Switzerland, they developed a method for purifying drinking water using silver particles on ceramic filters. Thus, impurities smaller than 0.5 microns are removed, which are practically the size of most bacteria, molds, etc. Through their contact with the silver, the water is not only filtered, but also disinfected. Silver water is still used today to purify water for various needs: by the English - for the production of beer, by the Italians - for fruit juices, by the Germans - for margarine. The English practice of using silver water by workers building roads in India is also known, as a result of which epidemics of typhus and cholera were completely overcome.

During the years of the cold war in Czechoslovakia, they created a preparation with an unusually strong effect against biological weapons. Its name was "Movidin" and it was powdered colloidal silver, odorless, tasteless, and at a concentration of 1 part per billion it had a strong antibacterial effect. It was tested in wells infected with typhoid, cholera, malaria and dysentery, where it was proven to kill the disease-causing carriers. Drinking water containers washed with "Movidin" retained their disinfection properties for several weeks. To the astonishment of the Soviet military specialists, the preparation destroyed even new poisons from the arsenal of biological weapons, which became the reason for the entire plant from Czechoslovakia to be dismantled and transferred to the USSR.

In Japan, they began to use silver for disinfection in the filters of air-conditioning installations, for the purification of waste water, etc.
Today, silver ions are released from the coatings of washing machines and refrigerators, which adds another function to their use - antibacterial.

The first scientist to give a scientific explanation of the miraculous properties of silver water was the Swiss biologist Carl von Nagel (1817 – 1891). He studied the bactericidal properties of certain metals and found that silver and copper had the strongest effect on microorganisms. For example, diphtheria bacteria die under the influence of silver after 3 days, copper - after 6 days, and gold - after 8 days. Staphylococci die under the influence of silver after 2 days, copper - after 3 days, gold - after 9 days, etc. He called the process oligodynamic, that is, low concentrations of ions of certain metals act toxically on single-celled organisms.
In 1897, the German surgeon Benne Krede, who continued his father's research, reported to the 12th International Congress of Physicians in Moscow about the broad antibacterial capabilities of colloidal silver in two of his preparations: collargol and protargol. And for more than 100 years, they have been most actively used in medical practice against various inflammatory diseases and infections, from the common cold to complex surgical operations.

It was only in 1920 that the German physicist Georg Krause developed a technology for crushing silver and obtaining particles with a larger effective surface. Various methods were developed to speed up the processes, but only in 1930, the Russian scientist Leonid A. Kulsky created a method for rapid (in a few minutes) saturation of water with silver ions using electrolysis.
Saturation of water with silver ions occurs in several ways:

  • the most ancient is by immersing a silver object in the water or simply storing the water in silver vessels, but this is a slow and inefficient process, as it requires a period of seven years for it to fully saturate. It was called "old water" and, when mixed with fresh water, it transmitted its properties completely;
  • a more modern method is electrolysis - passing water between silver electrodes, which turns out to be the best, fast and can be automated, does not pose a danger to the environment. Silver electrodes do not age, do not lose their properties, are economical;
  • and chemical - by dissolving silver salts in water, but due to the toxicity of silver salts, it is not recommended.

Silver was used as a universal antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral natural medicine until 1938, when the discovery and spread of antibiotics and other chemically derived drugs pushed it off the scene of scientific research. The comparatively higher cost of its production also contributed to this. Scientists returned to it after 1994, when the problem of the growing resistance of the human body to antibiotics, as well as the significant toxicity of new synthetic drugs, was officially formulated. However, such problems do not exist when using colloidal silver.  Good quality colloidal silver is a strong antibiotic with a broad spectrum of action, without side effects on healthy tissues and organs, without destroying the beneficial intestinal microflora. While antibiotics affect 6-7 types of microorganisms, silver has been proven to affect more than 650 disease-causing types of bacteria, fungi, viruses and molds. It significantly reduces the time to destroy the infections caused by them by blocking the respiration of single-cell pathogens and disrupting their reproduction. Silver ions do not directly attack microorganisms, but act as a catalyst for the deactivation of enzymes that single-celled organisms use in oxygen metabolism. And perhaps that is why bacteria are not able to develop resistance to silver particles, as is the case with antibiotics.

The use of silver water in cosmetics today is the result of the enormous accumulated experience of humanity and science. That is why we returned to silver in our otherwise modern and new cosmetic series "BIO G". It is a cosmetic with pronounced anti-inflammatory and balancing properties to affect delicate, sensitive and easily irritated baby skin. Silver water soothes, removes the feeling of dryness, activates cellular processes, removes inflammation and keeps the skin perfectly healthy. In combination with other natural ingredients, plant oils and extracts, it contributes to increasing immunity, helps to dispose of waste, and increases general tone.